20 years experiences of design, supply & installation of under floor warming system in HK help you to solve any problems

20 年 經驗的地暖工程專家為你解答任何疑問

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multi-comfort floor heating

Completed around 800 jobs with 4650 installations in HK, Macau and China since 1999

由 1999 年至今已經完成了近 800 個項目 (4650 套地暖專用發熱系統)

唯一一間在香港、澳門區內專門從事地暖工程接近 20 年之久,非其它公司可比

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                    ROOM heating


                                          Elegant Design

Radiant far infrared (sunbathing effect) 

ceiling mounted heating panel

  • A unique patented ceramic heating plate which is able to precisely and quickly warm rooms

  • Heating masonry, ceilings and furnishings, not the air

  • Walls and floors can store warmth much longer than air and return warmth to the room

  • Masonry stays dry, mould and mildew free

  • The panels sit unobtrusively on the ceiling using the latest Far Infrared Technology that produces "healthy" sun like warmth to solid surfaces including floors

  • Radiant FIR heating is also highly desired for Hot Yoga studio applications

  • The ideal solution due to the health benefits, fast warm up times and system efficiency

  • DIY 'Do It Yourself' panels are available or Nationwide Design and Installation

  • Comply to international standards certifications

Sunbathing ceiling heating panel


- 900W

- 1400W

  • 新西蘭技術

  • 遠紅外線波段對人体有健康效果

  • 表面鍍上 Silver Nano 可以有效殺菌

  • 對經營 Hot Yoga 非常合適,可使到室內達至42度溫度

  • 發熱效果可直接使到物件有溫暖效果但不會使空氣加熱

  • 有不同型號可配合不同房間使用

  • 國際認証

 hot yoga






ECO  slim line Panel Heater


  • Is ideal for bedrooms and hallways

  • The Eco Panel is "ceramic" so it does not absorb moisture and has a "thermostat" that is particularly important to maintain an even room temperature and save on operational costs

  • The Eco Panel Heater has 24hour timer capability which can automate to the required times

  • The panel heater surface temperature is approximately 70°C to 90°C

  • DIY 'Do It Yourself'  heaters are available or Nationwide Design and Installation

  • Very economic operation 

  • The Eco panel utilizes radiant heat and natural convection currents

  • There is no noise or circulating dust

  • Attractive slim design

  • Repaintable to match the room decor

  • No exposed electric element

  • No fan or maintenance

  • Safe for children, disabled persons and ideal for asthma and dust allergy sufferers

  • Comply to international standards certifications

slim line panel heater

wall mounted radiator


400W ceramic

  • 新西蘭技術

  • 對流式採暖不會產生聲音及不會有微塵

  • 超薄設計可掛在牆壁上

  • 非常節省電力

  • 適合用於各種室內空間

  • 可達至空間採暖效果

  • 國際認証

    Since 1999, all the projects using HOTWIRE electric under floor warming systems in HK, Macau and the Mainland China (some projects) were done and through our company or our recognized company. If there is any other company says that any projects within the period through their company, our company reserve the right to charge with an offense.

    由 1999 年至今所有在香港、澳門及某些在大陸 (某些項目) 的項目使用 HOTWIRE地暖專用發熱線系統均為我司或我司承認的公司供應及安裝,若於此時期內有某些公司聲稱在香港、澳門及某些在大陸的項目透過其公司供應及安裝,一經發現必送官究治。

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