20 years experiences of design, supply & installation of under floor warming system in HK help you to solve any problems

20 年 經驗的地暖工程專家為你解答任何疑問

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Completed around 800 jobs with 4650 installations in HK, Macau and China since 1999

由 1999 年至今已經完成了近 800 個項目 (4650 套地暖專用發熱系統)

唯一一間在香港、澳門區內專門從事地暖工程接近 20 年之久,非其它公司可比

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(新西蘭 HOTWIRE 港澳總代理)

(請注意,所有地暖系統若果安裝及設計不善的話大多會於幾年間出現問題,因此豐富的設計及安裝經驗是非常重要的。我們並非一些只在香港經營了幾年的供應商 (亦非只L調廠家有多長生產經驗的公司);發熱線的製造商有多少年的生產經驗往往與你在每一地區使用地暖系統完全拉不上關係,最主要是確定安裝設計公司的經驗及安裝時對每一細節的經驗如何,事實上若沒有超過 17 以上的設計、安裝及保養經驗並已安裝了數百個項目的公司,對於地暖系統的風險管理必然不會全面掌握清楚。)

We are not those the companies just telling you how many years of the manufacturers have. Very long time productions experiences of the manufacturer is meaningless for those the local installers. Our company have more than 19 years experiences for supply, design and install of our Hotwire electric double PTFE electric under floor warming systems in HK, Macau as well as China. We have already completed around 800 jobs locally. We have full experiences for under floor warming systems design and installation.

HK weather is changeable. Humidity is very high in Spring, Humid weather plus cold weather in Winter every year. It's nice to know that inside your home will always be just right by using our heating systems.

Whether it's full or part zone underfloor heating keeping your toes warm on a winter day, floor warming, radiant ceiling heating or the panel heaters keeping the whole house cosy, making sure you and your family are comfortable is not just a luxury - it's a necessity for their health and well being.

With the largest range of products, we offer some kinds of products from the world and provide qualified Installers in HK. Multi-Comfort Limited is the perfect choice for finding exactly what you need when it comes to comfort heating in your home.

No matter the weather outside, with our help you can be sure it's always perfect inside.

We completed around 800 jobs with 4650 installations in HK since 1999. If you have any questions of electric or hydronic under floor warming systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Traditional heating  VS  under floor heating

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生創建有限公司自1999年成立,多年來主要從事地暖產品(地台發熱線系統) 的入口和零售代理、進口品牌的電暖毛巾架、電熱鏡底防霧發熱貼、低溫技術衣櫃防潮板及各種來自不同國家的發熱產品。至今已發展成本地主要從事採暖產品銷售安裝的最大規模公司之一。從銷售、設計、安裝不同階段中,專業團隊都會為你提供合適建議,以合理的價錢享受優質服務,與客戶攜手打造一個舒適溫暖的夢想家園,從以達致一站式服務的營運宗旨。

Multi-Comfort Ltd. offers a range of high-quality under floor heating  systems , hydronic (hot water) under floor heating (radiant) systems, electric mirror demisters, stainless steel electric heated towel rails (racks), oil-sealed electric towel warmers, ceiling heating panel systems, slim wall mounted heating panels, bathroom heaters and solar heating systems from the world.

Furthermore, it stocks top, high-tech brand names from Europe, Asia, etc.. Specializes in electric under floor heating systems (under floor warming system, heated floor, heating mats) , which are perfect for Hong Kong’s humid climate as they keep floors dry and in cooler months radiate heat with an even distribution whilst saving on electricity bills thanks to low power consumption. 

我們公司由 1999 年開始在香港專門推廣地暖系統,完成的項目已近 800 個,合共已安裝了 4650 套地暖系統。我們從不取巧,真心誠意向每一客戶推薦整套地暖系統(所有必須的配件及設備),並提供足夠的地面溫度設計;毫不隱瞞,深得用家讚賞,本公司 20 年來大部份項目均由客戶介紹,贏盡口碑。


全港唯一一間連續專門從事設計、供應及安裝地暖工程接近 20年的公司

公司專家更有超過 20年經驗

Electric & Hydronic under floor warming systems

(電熱式 及 水熱式 地暖專用發熱系統)

地台發熱 and heated floor heating cables, heated floor 地板發熱系統 hydronic radiant heat

Hotwire manufacturer double PTFE helical anti-resistance electric under floor warming system

(雙重 PTFE 螺旋抗壓地暖專用發熱線系統)

(新西蘭 HOTWIRE 港澳總代理)

Hydronic under floor warming system

(水暖熱式地暖系統/ 歐洲)

Other Heating Products


mirror demisters 電熱防霧鏡貼

towel warmers

ceiling heaters

glass towel warmers

moisture free heating tube

oil sealedtowel warmers

timer dimmer device

clothes cabinet heater

Mirror Demisters

Stainless steel Easy-fix heated towel rails

Ceiling heating systems 

ECO slim wall heaters

Tempered glass towel warmers

Moisture Free heating Tube

Chrome plated Oil sealed heated towel rails

Heated towel rails timer/dimmer device

Clothes cabinet heating panels 

tubular heaters










plinth heaters

art decorative radiatorsceiling heaters


3 ways Concealed fan type heaters

Decorative radiators


3 段隱藏式暖風機





最適合你 (妳) 的地暖專用發熱線系統

Outstanding grade electric under floor heating elements


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How to design electric floor warming system


Watt density VS. Surface temperature


最高級別的絕緣材料: PTFE

中等級別的絕緣材料: PVC


hotwire electric under floor heating system

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